Just the right size for your immediate family,  double date or that improptu gathering with your selected +2 guests.


UPGRAIN BBQ Junior Box is good for 8 portions, and contains

  • Signature Buns, 2 packs
  • Gourmet Aged Australian Beef Burger patties, 2 packs x 320g (total 4 patties) 
  • Gourmet Thai Lime & Sweet Chili Chicken patties, 2 packs  x 320g (total 4 patties)
  • ULU Spice Co. Tropical Punch Hot Sauce


Upgrain Your Bbq

  • Storage instructions

    Bread: Please consume our UPGRAIN bread within 2 days upon delivery. Store in a dry cool place. To extend shelf-life, store in freezer. 

    Sauces, Spreads and Wraps:  Please store the Tropical Punch Hot Sauce in a dry cool place.

    Meats:  Gourmet meats are delivered frozen. Please keep in freezer to extend shelf-life.

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