Keep your food fresher and longer. Eliminate plastic cling wraps with Minimakers beautiful Designer Beeeswax Wraps. Handmade in Singapore using premium natural ingredients and preservative free.


*Size XL (18"x18") is great for a loaf of bread, large trays, storing large vegetables.

Pea Fowl Beeswax Food Wrap

  • Storage instructions

    Store your wraps in the refrigerator to further lengthen its lifespan. Shielding them from the hot and humid weather will help you get the most out of your wraps.

  • How to use

    01/ WRAP: Mould wrap firmly around food or container with the warmth and pressure from your hands.

    02/ CLEAN: After each use, wipe and clean with a damp towel or rinse with cold water and mild soap.

    03/ DRY:  Fold and store in a cool dry place (eg. drawer or refrigerator) until next time.