Eat well and be merry.  Upgrain Your BBQ- Deluxe box is packed with delicious meats and spreads, perfect for your grill feast with your family and friends.


Our BBQ Deluxe box contains

  • UPGRAIN Signature Buns,  2 x 280g
  • UPGRAIN Hoagies , 1 x 280g


  • Sidecar Wagyu Beef burger,  4 x 200g (total 4 patties)
  • Sidecar Spicy Spanish Chorizo Sausages, 500g (6pc) 
    • OR Italian Pork & Fennel Sausages, 500g (6pc) 
    • OR British Cumberland Sausages, 500g, (6pc) 


  • Tiger Lily Shio Combo Butter, 300g
  • ULU Spice Co. Tropical Punch Hot Sauce, 220ml 
  • One Large size Beautiful designer Beeswax Food wrap - earth-friendly, and so great for extending shelf-life of left-overs and take-aways. Abolish cling-wrap in you kitchen now!



Top up with additional burger patties to complete your box.


Choose between:

  • Aged Australian Beef burgers, 2x 320g (total 4 patties)
  • OR Thai Lime & Sweet Chili Chicken, 2x 320g (total 4 patties)





Upgrain Your Bbq Deluxe

  • Storage instructions

    Bread: Please consume our UPGRAIN bread within 2 days upon delivery. Store in a dry cool place. To extend shelf-life, store in freezer. 

    Sauces, Spreads and Wraps:  Please store Tigerlily Onion Jam and designer beeswax foodwrap in the fridge. 

    Meats: Sidecar gourmet meats are delivered frozen. To extend shelf-life, store in freezer.


  • Is this a gift?

    Please don't forget to mention to whom we should address it to in the comment section upon checkout.