The real thing made better

UPGRAIN is made by food lovers, for food lovers

We are a food company on a mission to help the world eat better by transforming the staple food offerings in every culture across the world. We serve “health by stealth”, ensuring that the breads, pastas and noodles we eat everyday now come with measurable health benefits.

Based in Singapore, all our products are made with the methodical application of food science to timeless cooking techniques. And with no need for preservatives or artificial substitutes, ours remain 100% natural, yet with all of the taste and texture we love in our wheat-based food.

A symphony of fibre, starch and protein

Perfected over 20 years, Uplift® is how we make UPGRAIN. It is 100% natural—bringing together the elemental building blocks of carbs (starch, proteins and fibres) in fresh ways to lower carb content.

By taking advantage of these building blocks' natural ability to form lasting bonds with each other, Uplift® creates new shapes and structures that are free from unwanted molecular interactions that typically define the carbs we eat. It’s why we can formulate products with radical nutritional enhancements (1/2 the carbs, 6x more fibre, all natural) while fully emulating the taste, texture and experience of their equivalent wheat-based products.

Everything you love from your wheat-based staples, with only half the carbs.
Image by Dan Gold

Radically better bread, noodles and pastas that taste the same, with half the carbs. 


Now you can satisfy your consumer demand for healthier options without compromising the dining experience.



Since I have discovered UPGRAIN, we no longer buy any bread or noodles anywhere else! I still can't believe that it can taste this good and be good for you! Mind blown!!!!


 "Too good to be true"  

Victor / Treasurer

"This makes it so easy to cut down on carbs without changing my diet."

Oskar / Consultant

"It's got the same bread satisfaction. I can't believe it's half the carbs."

Daniel / Fund manager

"Amazing. So soft. My husband and children loved it as well. Its nice to know something this tasty has health benefits!"

Jin / Teacher

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